Retrieving Wi-Fi Passwords using Command Prompt


I have the habit of frequently changing my WiFi Name, Creating New WiFi ID and frequently changing its passwords.

Sometimes I will have trouble recollecting my own WiFi password. If we can’t remember it then the only option is to reset it from Router’s Settings.

But with this simple HACK we can retrieve NOT JUST our CURRENT WiFI Passwords but also ALL THE WiFi passwords that we have used in our computer.

Let’s get to it.

Wifi Icon Right Click
In Desktop Startup, Right Click on "WiFi Icon" and select Open Network Settings
Retrieving Wi-Fi Passwords using Command Prompt
Click on Wifi on the Left, and Click Manage Networks on the Right.
30 KB
See List of All WiFi IDs.


Now We have to open the Command Prompt. You can do so by the following ways:

  1. Click on Startup and then Windows System then Command Prompt. Right Click on it and Select ” Run As Administrator”.
  1. From Windows Search Box, Type “cmd”, don’t press enter. It’ll show “Command Prompt” as results. Right-Click on it and select “Run As Administrator”.
150 KB
From Startup Run Command Prompt as Administrator


In the command Prompt type the following commands..

netsh wlan show profile (Press Enter)

netsh wlan export profile folder=c:\ key=clear” (Press Enter)


45 KB
Enter the Commands as given in the Picture.


Now files with extension .xml have been created in C: Folder as we have mentioned in the Command Prompt. Now Open “My Computer -> C Drive” and you will find all the .xml files there…


Right Click on the respective file and select “Open With -> Notepad”.


 See Pictures Below.. 



153 KB
In C: Find all the WiFi ID Files Created. Open with Notepad.



Under <SharedKey> you will find the PASSWORD you used in between the <keyMaterial> and </keyMaterial> tags.



98 KB
Under sharedKey you will find your password.

Hope you found it. Comment Below If you face any problems…

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